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  • Missing and Murdered

    June is National Indigenous History Month, and June 21 is National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada, so this month is a particularly good time to set the platitudes aside and […]

  • Help for Trafficking Victims

    As we’ve noted in this space before, sex trafficking does happen here in Kawartha Lakes. Some of those who end up having to perform sex acts for money against their […]

  • The Signs of Trafficking

    The idea that someone could force another person to undergo sexual acts for money against their will is so appalling that most of us just don’t want to think about […]

  • Three Decades of Service

    The story of Women’s Resources starts with the story of our shelter for women looking to escape abuse. Although we’ve grown much bigger and offer many more services now, we’d […]

  • Coercive Control

    Would you consider it abuse if you saw a man yelling at his girlfriend? What if he called her an awful name? What if you learned that a female friend […]

  • Never Forget

    I was 22 years old, living in Ottawa, going to Carleton University. And although I was a journalism student — my sister is the engineer in our family — I […]

  • Spreading Joy

    When you’re a woman coping with the fallout from an abusive situation, just making ends meet can take all your energy. And when the holidays come along, the idea of […]

  • Take Nothing for Granted

    Anyone who pays any attention at all to the news is rarely surprised to see evidence of women’s oppression, but recent events have made even the most cynical take notice. […]

  • Guts and Glory

    As of the time this blog post was written, women had won the first 13 Canadian medals at the 2020 Olympics (which are being held in 2021 because of the […]

  • New Program Launched for Youth and Victims of Human Sexual Trafficking

    Women’s Resources of Kawartha Lakes is pleased to announce the launch of a new program initiative for youth and victims of Human Sexual Trafficking made possible through funding from the […]


    With so many demands on your time, why would you choose to give up several hours a month to become a member of our board of directors? For many local […]

  • Then & Now – National Indigenous History Month

    June is National Indigenous History Month. The federal government website describes it as “a time for learning about, appreciating and acknowledging the contributions First Nations, Inuit and Métis people have […]

  • Violence is Violence

    The many-coloured flags of Pride Month signal joy and love, and as a society we’ve come a long way in recognizing and honouring relationships that don’t fit a traditional heterosexual […]

  • Ending Sexual Violence

    Some countries, most notably the United States, have named April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Some jurisdictions, including Ontario, observe Sexual Assault Prevention Month in May. Both are valuable, but […]

  • Online Targets – Women in the Public Eye

    We all know that social media can be a nasty stew of insults and prejudice, strong opinions and snap judgements. And while there seems to be plenty of that to […]