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  • No One Asks For It

    Not that long ago, if you’d asked someone what sexual assault was, they’d probably have described a rape—a situation where a woman is attacked by a man she doesn’t know […]

  • We are Hiring!!

    Women’s Resources has two positions available in our Anti Human Trafficking program. These positions will be part of the shelter team and will provide 1:1 support, direct services and modelling […]

  • Our Caring Volunteers Make Us Great

    Whether it’s helping with administrative work, organizing special fundraisers, sorting donations at Vicky’s Values or sitting on committees, our volunteers work tireless alongside our wonderful staff, all with the ultimate […]

  • Looking for Leadership

    Many workplaces are doing the hard work of looking at the way employees are treated to ensure everyone can work free from harassment. Women are standing up for the basic […]

  • Not a Compliment

    Men need to stop assuming women appreciate their advances, especially at work Some days, the news we read, see and hear makes it impossible not to end up asking “What […]

  • An unnecessary and tragic death of a child

    It’s important to remember who starts the violence Let’s be clear: We’re not necessarily saying it’s a good idea to point fingers and blame others for things. But sometimes as […]

  • Next Steps After Amy’s

    Amy’s Next Step Housing in Fenelon Falls has been an important part of our services for many years. The eight-unit complex offered women with or without children a safe, affordable […]

  • Rural Realities

    When people visit Kawartha Lakes, they see its natural beauty, clean air, neat farms and pretty towns and villages. Those are all great reasons to live here and to move […]

  • Human Trafficking

    Sometimes the official terms hide the outrageous reality. When we talk about human trafficking, we’re nearly always talking about this: forcing teenagers and young adults into something best described as […]

  • Vicky’s Values – so much more than a “Unique Boutique”

    It’s always interesting to get a glimpse behind the scenes of a complex operation, and that’s definitely true of Vicky’s Values, the “unique boutique” that raises money for Women’s Resources […]

  • October – Women’s History Month

    When you think of great Canadian women, who comes to mind? What women’s stories from our past do you wish everyone knew about? There are so many to choose from, […]

  • Sticks and Stones Do Hurt

    Words matter, so let’s ditch the ones that denigrate women Many of us remember a time when the only acceptable way to refer to a married woman was by her […]

  • “I’m sorry, what was that?”

    Whether you’ve seen the post floating around social media or not, it’s worth taking time to ponder its wisdom. (Yes, I said “wisdom.” It’s not completely absent from social media.) […]

  • The Freedom to Work Without Harassment

    Too many women know what it feels like to be harassed at the place they work. It could be as obvious as an unwanted sexual proposition, a degrading comment or […]

  • No Way Out

    Very few of the findings in a new report about COVID-19 and gender-based violence in Canada are a surprise, unfortunately. They describe a tumultuous time where women have faced more […]