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Author: Carolyn Fox

  • Allison’s Story – Escape From Sex Trafficking

    When I arrived at Women’s Resources that day in May of 2021, I was a broken version of myself; scared, vulnerable and desperately needing help. It all started with a […]


    We’re helping survivors of trafficking make it home. Our Kawartha Lakes community is a wonderful place. It also has aspects that many of us don’t know about, and that we […]

  • Pride Matters

    Why we need to stand together Pride Week is coming up soon in Kawartha Lakes. Why is that something we care about at Women’s Resources? Well, the stark reality is […]


    November 2022 You may be familiar with the term “Femicide”.  Femicide is a hate crime broadly defined as the intentional killing of women or girls because they are female. It […]

  • Laura’s Story

    My story has all the drama of a best-selling novel. I was once told, “you can’t make this stuff up, it’s just too crazy”. I know, I lived it. But […]

  • New Program Launched for Youth and Victims of Human Sexual Trafficking

    Women’s Resources of Kawartha Lakes is pleased to announce the launch of a new program initiative for youth and victims of Human Sexual Trafficking made possible through funding from the […]

  • We Need You Now More Than Ever Before

    We are facing such difficult times in our communities, in our province and across Canada.  As if the devastation of COVID was not enough, we have faced tragedy after tragedy. […]