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  • Stalking isn’t Cute

    Let’s change how we talk about this form of gender-based harassment. A lot of movies we loved when we were younger might make us cringe now—the bad hair, the dated […]

  • She needs you!

    Pay attention to your coworkers for signs of abuse More than one-third of Canadians say they’ve worked with a woman they believed to have experienced intimate partner violence, according to […]

  • Grateful to you!

    Your donations make all the difference From our Elf Express to our Marquee Event concert with Colin James in March to women and children who’ll have a brighter Christmas to […]

  • Help to “Bring Us Home”

    We’re nearly ready to Open the Door! When a woman is finally able to leave an abusive home, our shelter, Victoria’s, is there to help. Kind, supportive staff help women […]


    We’re helping survivors of trafficking make it home. Our Kawartha Lakes community is a wonderful place. It also has aspects that many of us don’t know about, and that we […]

  • Pride Matters

    Why we need to stand together Pride Week is coming up soon in Kawartha Lakes. Why is that something we care about at Women’s Resources? Well, the stark reality is […]

  • The Ugly Truth

    Please be aware that this post contains descriptions of violence. A hidden price: Women who have been beaten by a partner or loved one have all kinds of injuries, but […]

  • Volunteer Appreciation Always

    There’s nothing quite like the Women’s Resources volunteer experience “Women’s Resources makes a real difference in our community,” says Ruth Fallding. And she should know—she’s been helping out one day […]

  • Our Marquee Story

    This is the eleventh year for the Marquee Event. The original idea was to help raise awareness of the work of Women’s Resources, but also to raise money through a […]

  • Thank You To Our Generous Community!

    Wow. Just . . . wow. As we start a new year, we are so grateful for the compassionate support we receive from you, the community we serve, because that […]