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Community Outreach

Outreach Counselling

Women’s Resources offers supportive counselling to women who have been abused or are currently in an abusive relationship. Counselling sessions focus on how their experiences of abuse or domestic violence affect their daily life.  All COVID health and safety protocols are in place.

All services provided by Women’s Resources are women positive, women centred, free and confidential. Counsellors are sensitive towards cultural and sexual diversity.

According to these principles, outreach counsellors provide information, resources and referrals for housing, legal, financial, parenting, and employment matters.

This is not a crisis service.

Once you have called to make an appointment, an outreach counsellor will call you back to set a one-to-one appointment. If you are unable to travel to Lindsay, the outreach counsellor will explore other service options with you.

In the outreach counselling meetings, women talk about many different things including:

  • Abuse and trauma; symptoms and impact
  • Healthy relationships
  • Keeping safe
  • Understanding emotions and learning how to manage them
  • Reducing mental confusion and stress
  • Developing self-awareness and increasing self-esteem
  • Sexuality and gender issues
  • Making decisions and setting goals

To make an appointment or for more information call Women’s Resources at: 705-878-4285

Teen Counselling

Women’s Resources offers supportive counselling to both female and male teens (ages 12 – 18) for support around unhealthy relationships, abuse or witnessing abuse. This could include experiences involving bullying, sexual harrassment, dating violence, childhood sexual assault,  parental conflict or prior experiences of abuse. All services are free and confidential.

To make an appointment or for more information call Women’s Resources at: 705-878-4285

Community Support Program

The Community Support Program is a service for women who have experienced domestic violence and are trying to rebuild their lives. This is a short-term, goal-oriented program for women who are ready to develop and follow a specific action plan leading them towards a violence-free, independent life.

Through one-to-one support, a Community Support counsellor will assist women to develop individual “transition” plans. A transition plan will identify the short-term goals that the woman has for herself and the concrete steps she needs to take to be successful in achieving these goals.

The Community Support Corker helps women find resources in the community that will help them build lives free from abuse or domestic violence.

These resources may include:

  • Housing
  • Financial assistance
  • Legal aid
  • Education
  • Job training
  • Immigration services
  • Parenting support
  • Court
  • Counselling
  • Health and wellness

Safety planning is an important component of this program.  For more information about this service, please contact the community support worker at: 705-878-4285

Our Goal is to Help Heal Women Who have Experienced Abuse

Support Groups

Our support groups, 8 to 10 weeks in length, are run regularly for women who have experienced abuse or domestic violence in their lives.

An intake and assessment interview with a counsellor is required prior to enrollment.

In a safe environment women learn new ways to reduce stress, engage in healthy relationships and become empowered.

For more information about various groups we offer, please call Women’s Resources at 705.878.4285

Child Witness Group Program

Support groups for children & youth.

It is estimated that one million children in Canada witness violence in the home. This can lead to significant behavioural, learning, physical, social and emotional difficulties. Children who witness violence are at risk for continuing the cycle of violence in their own lives when they grow up.

Women’s Resources offers safe, structured groups for children and youth who have witnessed violence in their homes. In the support groups, children and youth can:

  • Express their feelings about their experience of violence or conflict witnessed at home
  • Learn about safety
  • Practice healthy conflict resolution skills through role modeling and play
  • Increase their self esteem
  • Learn to identify and manage a range of emotions

Children, between the ages of 4 and 12 years, who have witnessed or experienced any type of abuse in their family, may participate in this program. Group sessions involve both boys and girls and groups are organized by age.

Assistance with transportation and childcare may be available.
Referrals can be made by community contacts, parents or care providers.

The Moms’ group runs consecutively with the children’s group to offer opportunities to assist children in healing and to continue the work at home.

A support group for caregivers whose children are participating in the child witness group is also offered. The concepts taught in the children’s group are shared with caregivers so that they can be reinforced at home and learn strategies for parenting children who have witnessed violence.

For more information about this service or to make a referral, please contact the Child Witness Group Coordinator at: 705-878-4285