If you would like to support Women’s Resources, please Donate THANK YOU!

Grateful to you!

Your donations make all the difference

From our Elf Express to our Marquee Event concert with Colin James in March to women and children who’ll have a brighter Christmas to Vicky’s Values to our Open the Door campaign to build safe, affordable second stage housing, there’s so much need, we couldn’t do without you.

Women’s Resources’ main funder is the provincial government with a small percentage from the federal government.  This provides services for women living with abuse or doing their best to escape it; many also have children whom we provide with counselling and other support. In total, about three-quarters of our annual budget comes from governments, but that leaves a big portion we need to make up from other sources. Fortunately, we have wonderful supporters all over our community who help us go above and beyond to help improve life for the women and children we serve.

Thank you so much for all your support in 2023. If you still want to make a contribution before the end of the year, here are a few ways you can help:

  • Buy tickets for the Colin James show on March 8, 2024. Not only will you get to see an amazing show, but you’ll help put this important annual fundraiser over the top.
  • Pick up some tickets for the CASH PLUS RAFFLE! At $10 for one or $20 for three, they make great stocking stuffers or a little gift for yourself. First prize is $5,000, second prize is $1,000 and third prize is a $500 Food Basics gift card. Tickets are available at our 22 Russell Street East office in Lindsay, at Vicky’s Values and via e-Transfer to raffle@womensresources.ca. They are also being sold at other locations throughout the community.  Check out our webpage for more info https://womensresources.ca/event/2022-23-cash-plus-raffle/
  • Make a monetary donation by e-Transfer, through the website https://womensresources.ca/give/ , or in person at 22 Russell St. If you mail a cheque, as long as it’s dated in December 2023, you’ll get a receipt for this tax year even if we don’t receive it until January.

We realize that for many people, rising costs of everyday life mean that extra donations or ticket purchases aren’t possible. Looking after yourself and those you love is the most important thing, so if you can support us by boosting our social media posts and spreading the word about our programs, that’s something we also appreciate enormously. Thank you for everything you do for Women’s Resources.

All the best in the New Year!

By Nancy Payne